Unfortunately, when you are injured in a car accident, it’s your job to get your medical bills paid. Even if you are waiting for a lawsuit that would cover those costs to be settled, you have to pay them in the meantime and get reimbursed once you receive your check. If you don’t have health insurance, this could put you in a financial jam. The good news is you do have some alternative options. With your car accident lawyer, you can figure out one or more of the following to help you with your bills.

Payment Arrangements

It’s possible your physician will work out a payment arrangement with you. Especially if you go see a doctor who specializes in car accident victims, he or she may be inclined to help you with smaller payments for the time being until you receive a settlement check. Some physicians offer a discount to those without health insurance, as well as to those who pay in full or in cash. Speak with your provider to see what options you have.

No Fault Car Insurance

Not every state allows no fault car insurance, but if you live in one of a dozen or so states that does, your auto insurer may be able to help you out. With no fault car accident insurance, it doesn’t matter if you or the other driver was at fault. Your insurer will still be obligated to pay either all or a portion of your medical bills as they are incurred.

Med Pay

If an insured person has med pay coverage, he or she can get help with medical bills. This applies to the person who caused the accident, as well as the other party. Med pay does have policy limits, and as soon as you reach the limit, you will be responsible for all costs on your own.


If you qualify as a low-income household, you may be able to receive Medicaid benefits. This federal health insurance program helps individuals to receive the healthcare they need, even if it is the result of a car accident.

Contacting a Lawyer

When you are injured in a car accident, an attorney can help. Whether you caused the accident or were the victim of another driver’s mistake, you deserve compensation. In the meantime, your attorney can help you find a way to pay your medical bills so they don’t become overdue. Contact a car accident lawyer today for answers to questions regarding your accident.


Source: Car Accident Attorney Indianapolis, IN, Ward & Ward Law Firm