For those who join a cruise line, it is often the number one goal to enjoy oneself through various fun attractions and activities while traveling on the ship. The very last thing any traveler wants during this time is to have an injury caused as a result of negligence from the cruise ship company. Not only is this a damper to making happy and lasting memories, but it can quickly become highly costly as well. 

When a cruise ship injury occurs, it means the life of any member occupying the boat is impaired due to some failure of staff or representatives. It is of immense importance that the ship upholds the highest levels of safety at all times for their passengers. A cruise ship company does not want to lose money due to being accused of neglect; it is likely they already have a team of attorneys to protect them if a mishap where to happen. The main objective of a cruise ship attorney is to safeguard their employer and fight for rulings in their favor. The company will do whatever they can to hide fault or a mistake.

That is why consulting with an attorney is so crucial to your case. A cruise company may already be geared with lawyers who will work ruthlessly to defend any accusation. They can assure you there is no alternative motive, and are continually working on your side. A cruise ship company needs to be held accountable for losses including hospital bills, financial loss along with pain and suffering. They can fight for your rights and a proper compensation.

The details surrounding a case are of great importance. Attorneys can investigate deeper to make sure all the details about an incident are brought to light. Throughout the litigation process, we can make sure things are moving forward and in your favor, to get the most reprisal possible for your suffering. We can award you restitution for a time that was intended to be for joy and recreation, but fell short due to the fault of another party.

Most Common Cruise Ship Injuries:

  • negligence by cruise company representatives or staff members
  • transmission of disease/illness
  • poisoning from food
  • pool accidents (drowning and/or diving board)
  • sip & fall
  • chemical toxins
  • escalator and/or elevator defective
  • accidents during recreational activities hosted by cruise line
  • broken ladder or railings
  • unsecure objects falling from higher decks or compartments overhead
  • wrongful death
  • fire on cruise ship

Attorneys are here to be of support, protection and can take action on your behalf. Please call a law firm today  to speak with a skilled and informative lawyer for a free consultation.


Source: Elizabeth, NJ Personal Injury Lawyers, Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.