Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are horrible situations, but what if you’re simply riding in a taxi cab, or it’s a taxi who has hit you? Unlike accidents with private vehicles, taxis are operated by business employees who depend on their job to make ends meet. Filing a claim is similar to filing one with a private owner, but it may require more effort because you could derail the taxi driver’s career in the process. Here is what you need to know if you are in an accident with a taxi, depending on if you are a passenger or another driver.


If your car is struck by a taxi, then you will proceed as if you had been hit by any other vehicle. You’ll collect information at the scene of the accident (such as the other driver’s contact and insurance information, notes on what happened, witness statements, and photos) to help prove who was at fault later. Then you’ll file a claim with the taxi driver’s insurance to get compensation for your losses and damages, like medical expenses and car repairs.

As a Passenger 

If you sustain any injuries or other damage as a passenger in a taxi accident, you will most likely be off the hook when liability is dealt out, as that usually falls on one or both drivers. In this case, you will file a personal injury claim to the insurance deemed responsible, though that may not be immediately obvious as both drivers’ companies battle between who will pay the most.

Getting Rightful Compensation 

As mentioned previously, because this is the taxi driver’s livelihood, he or she may be more likely to fight you over claims about who was negligent, which may consume more time and effort than you initially anticipated. This can also depend on what state you live in, as some may require you to file a personal injury claim instead because they do not grant fault in the case of an accident.

Another complication can be if there were multiple passengers involved in the accident, in which case the amount that insurance can cover may get spread thin quickly. Total negligence on only one driver’s part can also be challenging to prove, and the insurance companies — in an attempt to pay less — may go back and forth in attempting to prove that the other driver was more responsible for the crash. As a passenger, this can leave you hanging in getting the compensation you may desperately need.

Always feel free to talk to an attorney about your accident, especially if you are a passenger. A lawsuit may be necessary to get your justified compensation for your pain and loss.