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With so many people choosing bicycles as an alternative form of transportation, it’s no wonder why bicycle accidents are on the rise. The number of bicycle accidents occur in heavily populated, urban areas. Whether taking your bicycle for a leisurely ride or, to commute to work; there’s always the possibility that you could succumb to an accident at the hands of a car you are sharing the road with. In the period of time after a bicycle accident, you will likely be focusing on your recovery, while plagued with questions regarding whether you should contact a lawyer. Working with a lawyer may help assist you in facing your case, while also obtaining the answers to the number of questions you may have:

What type of evidence should I gather?

Putting together evidence for your bicycle case is crucial to building a strong case for compensation. Evidence helps to prove key elements that must be present when proving fault in a bicycle accident claim. We can assist you in gathering strong evidence in support of your case. Useful evidence can include:

  • Medical Records Outlining your treatment, such as:
    • Hospital Stays
    • Doctor’s Appointments
    • Types of Treatments
  • Expenses You Incurred from the accident, such as:
    • Medical Expenses
    • Proof of Lost Wages
  • Witness Information
  • Photographs or Videos from the scene and of your injuries
  • Police Reports

When in recovery, sometimes it can be challenging to obtain the evidence you are in need of. A lawyer can assist by telling you what evidence you will need to gather and may even be able to support you in doing so.

Are there situations in which I may be held responsible for my injuries?

A bicyclist may be held liable if they failed to uphold the rules of the road. If you did not exercise proper care when riding a bike; you could be held liable. This may mean that you are responsible for your own injuries in addition to the damage that others incurred from the crash. In some cases, comparative negligence may come into play if you can be held partially responsible for the accident. A bicyclist should always:

  • Equip the bike with the proper lighting at night
  • Obey traffic signs, symbols, and lights
  • Use hand signals
  • Use bicycle lanes when available
  • Refrain from riding a bike while under the influence
  • Wear a helmet

When should I contact a lawyer?

You should not hesitate to contact a lawyer. It will be important that you contact us to ensure that we are able to help you take action before the statute of limitations runs out. Once the statute of limitations runs out, you lose the ability to obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered forever.

When you have been in a bicycle accident, the injuries you face may have the ability to impact you for the long term. Working with a lawyer can help assist you in managing your legal case so that you are able to have the direction you need when seeking compensation for your damages.

Source: Towson, MD Personal Injury Lawyer, Greenberg Law Offices