Traffic Lawyer

You’re driving down the road, hear sirens behind you, look in your rearview mirror and all you see are dollar signs. If you’re not ready to give in and pay your ticket, whether or not you were actually speeding, you can hire a traffic ticket lawyer to help you fight it. How much will that end up costing you?

Speeding Ticket Defense Cost

The cost for speeding ticket defense at the Kreger Law Firm starts at $150, though every ticket and every situation is different, so it could be different for you. The good news is they refund that fee for clients who are not completely satisfied with their defense.

Additional Costs to a Speeding Ticket

You may be wondering if paying a fee to fight a speeding ticket will actually be worth it. The ticket itself might not be too much more than the fee, and with all the hassle of the legal battle, it could be more trouble, right? Wrong. Even with a ticket that’s close to the amount of the attorney fee, it’ll end up benefiting you in the long wrong.

Remember that when you get a speeding ticket, your insurance rates often go up. That means by admitting fault and just paying the ticket, you’ll be continuing to pay for it every month through a higher insurance rate. If you already have a traffic infraction on your record, it could increase even more due to it being an additional offense. Perhaps you don’t have another infraction on your record, so you think you’re in the clear. Don’t forget you have a future ahead of you and it’s possible you could end up in this situation another time.

Something else to keep in mind is there are certain situations in which you could have your driver’s license suspended because of your speeding ticket. Additional costs would then include paying for a taxi, a bus, a train or another mode of transportation. You’ll also be out the freedom of doing what you want, when you want.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

In many speeding situations, the answer is yes, though you do have your own unique situation to consider. You should at least call a traffic ticket lawyer, explain your situation and get a recommendation on what to do. While there is a fee you’ll pay for having a lawyer fight your speeding ticket, it typically all pays off in the long run to have legal representation on your side.

Getting Started Today

Whether you feel your speeding ticket was well deserved or not, contact a speeding ticket lawyer to learn more about the process of fighting it.

Source: Traffic Lawyer Wytheville, VA, The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt