When to File a Lawsuit 

To answer the question of whether or not you have a case to file a lawsuit over, needs much more information to answer than simply asking the question. A good place to start getting a more concrete answer to this question is from a lawyer that deals with the particular kind of lawsuit your claim may fall under. While there are many different kinds of lawyers, a large portion of lawsuits that are filed in the United States fall under the category of a personal injury claims that become personal injury lawsuits.

Personal Injury Claims

It is a terrible situation when someone is injured or becomes ill as the result of another party (or parties’) negligence, malice or recklessness. It is even more tragic when an innocent person dies because of this. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you may have a personal injury claim that you should file a lawsuit for in order to get compensation for expenses that are the result of the liable party’s negligence, malice or recklessness. Many personal injury law firms will give initial case evaluations at no charge to potential clients. As well, many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that their client does not have to pay for their services unless they win or settle their case. 

Personal Injury

In the legal profession, the term personal injury refers to a legal claim made by one or more people, against one or more party for causing them to become injured or ill. In this kind of claim, the injured party (the plaintiff or plaintiffs) needs to prove that the defendant (the accused party or parties) caused their injury because of their negligent, reckless or malicious acts. In this sense, a party’s failure to act in a responsible manner or an omission of responsibility may also be seen as a negligent act. A personal injury can be a physical or psychological injury or both. A personal injury may also come in more nuanced forms such as the injury of a person’s character or reputation because of another party’s liable and/or slander.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you are wondering if you have a personal injury or other kind of case (in law, referred to as a claim) that warrants filing a lawsuit over, it is important to get advice from someone who is licensed to give legal advice in the jurisdiction that you think you have a claim in. The majority of personal injury claims fall under the jurisdiction of the state in which they occurred. Some crimes that are charged and tried by the state (in this instance the state can be a state agency of government but it is a generally a reference to the government agency that is trying the case) can also be tried in a civil lawsuit that would fall under the umbrella of a personal injury lawsuit.  Personal injury claims typically seek monetary compensation.

If you think you have a personal injury case that warrants a lawsuit, or a different kind of claim not mentioned here, it is a good idea to be informed and ask a lawyer that is licensed to give you the legal advice you are looking for.

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