Bicycle Accident Attorney

After an accident involving a bicycle and another party, insurance companies sometimes employ tactics to shift blame onto the bicycle rider. This strategy is often used to minimize their liability and reduce the amount of compensation they may have to pay. Understanding these tactics can help bicycle riders protect their rights and navigate the claims process more effectively. If you were recently in an accident while you were riding a bike, reach out to a local law office for help with your claim. 

How do insurance companies shift blame? 

One common tactic employed by insurance companies is to question the cyclist’s actions or behavior leading up to the accident. They may try to argue that the cyclist was not following traffic laws, riding recklessly, or not wearing appropriate safety gear. By doing so, they attempt to establish the cyclist as the party responsible for the accident. It is essential for cyclists to be aware of and adhere to traffic laws, wear safety equipment, and exercise caution on the road to avoid giving the insurance company an opportunity to shift blame.

Insurance companies may also attempt to challenge the credibility of the cyclist’s account of the accident. They may question the cyclist’s memory or suggest that they are exaggerating or fabricating their injuries. Insurance adjusters may use surveillance footage, witness statements, or even private investigators to gather evidence that contradicts the cyclist’s version of events. To counteract this, cyclists should document the accident scene, gather witness information, and seek medical attention promptly to establish a clear record of their injuries.

Making Light of Your Injuries

Another strategy used by insurance companies is to downplay the severity of the cyclist’s injuries. They may argue that the injuries are minor or unrelated to the accident, thereby reducing the amount of compensation they are willing to offer. It is crucial for cyclists to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if they believe their injuries are minor. Medical documentation and expert opinions can help establish the connection between the accident and the injuries sustained.

Insurance companies may also try to exploit biases against cyclists. There is often a perception that cyclists are more prone to accidents or are inherently at fault due to their vulnerability and the assumption that they disrupt traffic flow. By capitalizing on these biases, insurance companies may attempt to influence the perceptions of the involved parties, witnesses, or even the legal system. It is important for cyclists to assert their rights, gather evidence, and enlist the help of an attorney, as a bicycle accident attorney from our friends at Yearin Law Office would recommend, who can counteract these biases.

Find an Attorney To Help Today

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes try to shift blame onto bicycle riders after an accident to minimize their liability. By questioning the cyclist’s actions, credibility, and the severity of their injuries, insurance companies aim to reduce the amount of compensation they must pay. It is essential for cyclists to be aware of these tactics, gather evidence, seek medical attention, and consult with an attorney to protect their rights and pursue fair compensation. Reach out to an attorney now.