Who Is Liable For The Injury That I Suffered In A Municipal Park?

If you suffered a serious injury while in a municipal park, contact a personal injury lawyer for a consultation. They may be able to recover your damages by filing a claim on your behalf with the city. After a review of your case, a seasoned personal injury lawyer can determine if you have grounds for a claim that may result in compensation. There is a limited period of time in which you can file an injury claim so do not delay in scheduling a case review with a personal injury lawyer.

Who is liable for the injury that I suffered in a municipal park?

The answer to this question may be influenced by the circumstances of the incident, and can be clarified by a personal injury lawyer once they learn the details of your case. It’s possible that more than one party might be liable for your damages. Every case is different, but here are some common examples of how liability might be assessed:

  •         Hazardous structures. Many parks have paved or concrete walkways, steps, railings, a gazebo, and other structures. If they are allowed to fall into disrepair and subsequently result in hazardous conditions, a person who slips and falls or otherwise experiences an accident, might be seriously injured. In cases like this, the victim might have a valid claim for compensation. If the structure was not constructed in a safe manner consistent with industry standards and in compliance with building codes, the contractor might be held liable, instead of, or in addition to the city. With the representation of our personal injury lawyer, the victim may be eligible for a settlement from the city and the contractor.
  •         Injury from contact with used drug needles. It’s a sad fact that city parks can attract members of the community who are drug addicts and use needles to fuel their addiction. When they discard the used needles on the ground, unsuspecting park visitors may step on or fall upon the needles. As a result, the person may come into contact with the needle that could be infected with one or more serious diseases. If the park’s authority is aware of this consistent problem but does not make an effort to keep the park clean or to dissuade addicts from using drugs in the park, then a visitor might have a claim against the city should they develop a health condition as a result. Cases like these are difficult to pursue without the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer.
  •         Attractive nuisance. If there is an area of the park that is shut down to the public, it must be secured in such a way that trespassers cannot access it. Common examples are abandoned buildings or sheds, and disused swimming pools. These types of places are attractive to trespassers, especially children. Even if they are trespassing, should the person get hurt because they were able to gain access, the park’s owner might be held liable for injury damages.

 To learn more about seeking compensation for your damages, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.