Personal Injury Lawyer

In your daily routine and activities, you probably don’t think too much about hiring a lawyer. If you become involved in a legal matter, however, an experienced attorney can come to your rescue and save you from a mountain of stress and burdens. Of course, it’s no secret that working with a skilled legal professional is a significant financial investment. Personal injury attorneys can charge handsome sums for their services. If you have concerns about affording such a lawyer, there are fortunately some options to help lighten these worries.

Free Consultation

Many reputable firms will chat with you the first time about your situation at no cost. This free initial meeting is a perfect chance to discuss your concerns with the attorney and lay out the facts. In this consultation, the attorney will consider your case and determine whether it has merit to go to court or whether you would be wise to pursue legal action against the other party. In this discussion, the attorney might advise you to not sue. You can trust the legal counselor to give an honest, fair evaluation.

You Pay After You Win

Research law firms near you and choose one that has what is called a contingency agreement. With this, you won’t have to pay your lawyer unless and until you win your case. You’ll agree to pay a certain percentage of your settlement to the firm, but you won’t have to pay until you have your money first. This spares you the stress of having to come up with money from the beginning of your case. If you don’t have any cash to spare from the outset of the case, the contingency agreement could be the perfect solution. Many firms are so confident (after meeting with you in the free consultation) that you will win your suit, so they know you will be able to pay after the settlement.

Payment Plan

Other attorneys may agree to work out a payment schedule with you. This allows you to spread out the fees over several months or whatever period you and the firm agree upon. You may have to pay some interest in this scenario as well as a down payment; however, you won’t have to come up with the full amount right at once during a time that is already stressful as you treat and recover from your injuries.

Don’t let financial problems sway you from hiring a personal injury attorney. There are ways you can still afford a reputable attorney for your case.