When your spouse experiences a traumatic brain injury, the life you built together can change forever. The emotional fallout for the entire family can be significant and you may find yourself facing astronomical medical bills, especially for the cost of rehabilitation. Depending on the nature of your spouse’s injury, rehab can cost thousands of dollars per year that you may not be able to afford; however, speaking to an attorney about your options may help you find a viable financial solution.

1. What if Negligence Caused the Injury? 

If you believe your spouse was injured due to the negligence of another, speaking to a lawyer may help you build a viable lawsuit and earn you financial compensation that can help pay for the rehab he or she needs. For example, if the brain injury occurred due to a faulty product or from a fall that could have been prevented with better safety standards, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

2. Can I Sue An Insurance Company?  

While private insurance may pay for some of your spouse’s medical bills, it may not cover rehab in full, which can leave you facing thousands of dollars in costs for physical, cognitive and speech therapy. You may want to ask your lawyer if you are in a position to sue your insurance company for the remainder of the cost or, if you believe someone was responsible for the accident, pursue legal action against that individual’s insurance provider.

3. Is My Insurance Company Being Unfair?

Handling insurance claims can be quite difficult, especially if you believe the company is not covering all it should for your spouse’s traumatic brain injury and leaving you to face thousands of dollars in costs for rehab. Speaking to an experienced insurance attorney about your concerns and beliefs may offer you a path to resolution and ease your financial issues.

4. How Do I Prove Negligent Behavior? 

Presenting evidence of negligence to a lawyer may help you build a lawsuit and win compensation to pay for your spouse’s rehab. Photos, witness accounts and police reports may all provide evidence that another party was responsible for the accident. The more evidence you can offer, the easier you and your attorney can meet the burden of proof that is often required to win a negligence case.

Proper rehab can make a significant difference for your spouse after he or she has suffered a traumatic brain injury, but meeting the cost can be a challenge. Speak to an attorney, like a brain injury lawyer, today for further information and assistance.