Divorces on their own can be emotionally and physically difficult to go through. It can mean never seeing certain family members again, having to make monthly alimony payments, or not getting the house you have fallen in love with over the years. However, when you add children into that mix, it can not only make the divorce more contentious. It can also mean you must see your child’s other parent even when you do not want to. When you are trying to make decisions about your children during the divorce, what can you do to make this experience as painless as possible? 

Seek Out Child Custody Mediation

There are many couples who have determined they will simply fight out child custody situations until a judge makes a final decision. This works for no one. Not only will you end on even worse terms with your spouse, but you have also resolved that your child’s living situation and relationship with his or her parents is something to be argued over. What happens to your children during and after a divorce is incredibly important and will form them for the rest of their lives. This is why child custody mediation is imperative. What do you do during this process? 

  • You have an unbiased guide. You and your spouse will meet with a mediator who can help you navigate questions and come to solutions regarding child custody. 
  • You have someone who will not make decisions. The mediator has no skin in the game and only has the goal of helping you and your spouse come to a decision for your child. They will not take sides and they will not be the ones to make any decisions regarding child custody. 
  • They can help you with your final agreement. While you will want to have your lawyer look over everything, the mediator can be the one to help you create compromises during this process and create a written agreement regarding child custody that will go to the judge. 

Child custody mediation can be a huge benefit to you and your children when you are going through the divorce process. A lawyer, understands that when you are discussing child custody, you want what will be in the best interests of your children. Do not hesitate to continue protecting them throughout the divorce process. If you are interested in seeing how a lawyer can help you with your child custody case and want to learn more about the child custody mediation process, call a local legal office today.