Truck accident attorneys represent motor vehicle drivers, passengers, bikers, truckers, pedestrians, and bicyclists who were injured in an accident with a commercial truck. If you were injured in this way, they will review your case at no charge. If your injury prevents you from visiting an office, a truck accident attorney can meet with you at home or in your hospital room.

Do I need to hire attorneys who specialize in handling truck accident cases?

Those who have been in a truck accident are often severely injured, and their condition may require long term care. Truck accident victims may suffer from permanent injuries. As a result of their substantial and life-changing damages, they are eligible to receive a large amount of compensation from the at-fault trucking company. Because of this, the company and their insurance company are far likelier to dig their heels in and make every effort to pay as small a settlement as possible, or no settlement at all. Despite the victim’s legal right to full compensation, their claim has a very good chance of being denied. Truck accident attorneys have seen this occur many times. When truck accident attorneys step in to represent a client, they make sure that your best interests are protected. If your claim was denied, give a lawyer a call and they’ll review your claim to determine if they might be able to resolve it in a way that will result in a settlement for you.

Should you decide to hire an attorney who does not have experience with negotiating settlements with insurance carriers in the wake of a commercial truck accident, you may place yourself at a disadvantage. Another important area of knowledge and experience that our truck accident attorneys bring to the table is an understanding of medical injuries and their potential long term affects. This knowledge, when partnered with the resources we have available to us through medical experts in our professional network, provides us an edge over other firms that do not handle these cases.

What should I do after being involved in a truck accident?

As with any other type of serious accident, it’s important for those involved to seek immediate medical care, even if they do not think they were injured. Many life-threatening injuries do not present with any symptoms, at least initially. Delaying treatment for brain injuries and certain other types of conditions can lead to death or permanent paralysis.