Being injured in an accident can change your entire life, from enduring untold pain and suffering to affecting your ability to provide for your family. When these incidents happen because of the actions of another, filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you recover damages. You may be offered a settlement from the defendant’s insurance company, as most prefer to avoid a court case. Before you accept a check, there are a few actions you may want to take first to ensure the offered amount is fair.

1. Gather Your Medical Bills 

Having a settlement amount in mind, as well as understanding the value of your case, can help you gauge whether you may be better off going to court. Gathering and adding up your medical bills can help give you some idea of what you will need to cover your losses. Remember to add those that arrive as you build your case.

2. Hire an Attorney 

You may reserve the right to turn down or delay a settlement offer until you can hire an attorney. While you could agree to the settlement on your own, having the support and advice an attorney can provide may help you field offers and avoid those that do not represent the total value of your case. He or she may also be able to assist you in identifying any possible damages you might add to your case that could raise its value.

3. Question Lowball Offers 

If the insurance company offers you a particularly low settlement amount, you are within your rights to ask for justification. Ask for specifics and have your attorney make notes so he or she can investigate any claims the insurance adjuster makes. Your attorney can then draft a letter replying to the claims, which may prompt the company to provide you with a more reasonable offer.

4. Put Your Acceptance in Writing 

Your attorney can assist you with accepting a settlement offer, including being present when you sign the agreement. You may want to make the letter as detailed as possible and include a payment deadline so you do not have to wonder when you will receive a check. It is important for all parties involved to read over the agreement before signing. Ask your attorney for a copy of the letter so you can add it to other documents pertaining to your case.

Being offered a personal injury settlement by an insurance company can make you feel vulnerable, especially when you are still injured, but help is out there. Contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, like from Eric Roy Law Firm, today for further information and advice.