Experiencing Racial Discrimination at Work

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Every worker deserves to do their job in an environment that is free of bias, discrimination, hostility and mistreatment. Racial discrimination can be either obvious, or happen in more subtle ways. Treating an employee differently due to their race is unlawful, and those who commit such behavior should be held accountable for their actions. 

For those who are wondering if in fact racial discrimination has happened to them, can rely on the knowledge of an attorney, like a civil rights litigation lawyer in Washington, DC from Eric Siegel Law, for guidance. Despite the increasing awareness of such discrimination, it still happens all too often in the workforce. We understand how complex and fragile such an issue can be, and that you may be afraid to bring an incident into the light. 

In this article, we have delved into the topic of racial discrimination a little further, in hopes it helps clarify any questions or confusions you may have. 

Anti-Discrimination Rights

Under federal law, employees are protected from suffering discrimination due to their racial background. Such laws prohibit employers or companies from committing the following actions: 

  1. Failing or denying a hire due to the applicant being of a certain race;
  2. Enforcing disciplinary action or letting an employee go due to their race; 
  3. Paying an employee less than their counterparts due to racial background;
  4. Providing an employee less benefit coverage due to their race identity;
  5. Failing to offer promotional opportunities to a deserving employee because of their race; and
  6. Segregating, classifying workers or applicants based on ethnicity. 

Signs of Racial Discrimination

Sometimes, racial bias occurs behind closed doors at the management level. At other times, racial discrimination happens between coworkers and is way more obvious, where the mistreatment occurs more than just once. Signs that racial discrimination may be happening in your work environment include:

  1. Stereotyping (derogatory remarks, stereotypical statements, teasing)
  2. Hostility (unfair criticism towards those of a certain race)
  3. Being Over Critical (workers of a certain race may feel as if their work is never good enough or recognized)
  4. Often Overlooked (employees of a specific race never seem to obtain the promotional titles they are looking for)

Obvious Red Flags

If you have ever heard a racial slur being used in your workplace or you were referred to as “one of them” you should seek the counsel of an attorney at [law firm name] right away. Chances are, you are not the first person to experience such mistreatment. Racial bias could be an issue that has been alive within your company for years. Many workers do not come forward about such injustice out of fear that they will be further mistreated or retaliated against for reporting an incident. An employee may feel that is it better to keep quiet and hope they one day earn that promotion, than to risk losing it all by speaking up. 

If you are feeling unsure about how to handle this kind of situation, at attorney can offer sound and strategic advice. Please do not wait to contact us, before more acts of racial discrimination happen to you.